MensTalk is a men’s counselling service specifically for men, and boys. This counselling service is well recognised in the health community and has been established in Auckland since January 2001.

When you speak with us you will be assigned a specialist men’s counsellor that works in the area of men’s health and wellbeing. We are experienced in counselling for men’s issues and can support you to achieve the results you choose in life.

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about if you need someone to talk to about personal challenges, either in the form of mood fluctuation, workplace problem or erectile dysfunction. Auckland has put its trust in us and we are committed to continue our being supportive and discreet with all your issues and concerns.

Our experience in working with men’s issues ensures we can support you to achieve the results you choose in life. We want to help you cope with grief, overcome depression or manage all forms of relationship concerns. We are here for you.

Email any specific questions or call now on 0508 636 782. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.