Everyone experiences anger once in a while—it’s an inevitable part of human nature. Healthy anger allows us to express sentiments that result to constructive change, which encourages personal defence. When we get angry, we are challenged to suppress the raging feeling or turn it constructively.

When anger results to violence or aggression, then it requires serious attention. Losing your patience in public or at work can be embarrassing. It also takes its toll on the emotional and psychological wellbeing. Anger is easily concealed, but it can eat us up inside, which results in feelings of frustration, stress and insomnia.

Symptoms of anger include the following:

  •   Verbal or emotional outbursts
  •   Critical and over-controlling behaviour
  •   Regrettable impulsive actions
  •   Aggression and violence
  •   Personal and relationship problems
  •   Passive aggression and withdrawal.

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constructively. We believe that anger should not control you, and can be channelled efficiently.

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