There is more to anxiety than worrying; it is a serious condition that affects an individual’s physical, psychological and emotional well-being. People with generalised anxiety are prone to worry-filled tension. For some, this anxiety begins at low levels and can worsen over time.

Stress also affects an individual’s current anxiety levels. Consistent high levels of stress are detrimental to anyone’s wellbeing. People who suffer from anxiety must live through a painful day-to-day process, but we believe that getting advice from professionals can help.

If left unresolved, anxiety builds up to crisis points, which affect personal relationships, work schedules, emotional break downs, withdrawal or suicidal tendencies. Some symptoms of anxiety include the following:

  •   Sleep disturbance (e.g. constant nightmares, insomnia and constant waking)
  •   Frequent worry, fear and tension
  •   Compulsive behaviour
  •   Difficulty focusing
  •   Physical symptoms (e.g. headaches, digestion problems, muscle tensionand heart palpitations)
  •   Blank or disassociated feelingIf you are suffering from an overwhelming anxiety, don’t wait for treatment. Talk Counselling provides support through our anxiety counselling services. It is our aim to help you get back on the right track.Our anxiety therapists believe there is hope for every anxious individual. The first step towards recovery is acknowledging you need help. We are here to listen and encourage you. Talking releases the tension and acknowledges the reality of your condition.

Talk Counselling develops effective strategies to resolve your issues. Each strategy aims to provide relief and reduces anxiety significantly. Eventually, you’ll learn how to manage your emotions, freeing yourself from the constant worries of life’s uncertainties.

The aim of every anxiety counselling session is to determine the root cause of your attacks. In doing so, we pinpoint some causes and recommend treatment according to your condition. With a number of sessions, we can help you break free from the bonds of anxiety.

Talk Counselling guides patients towards a better life path. Without anxiety, you are free to enjoy life’s pleasures minus the stress or tension. Don’t wait for anxiety attacks to affect you and your family—get in touch with us now.