CoupleEvery couple faces issues once in a while. Even the strongest of relationships cannot escape the turbulence of conflicts regarding money, children, time management and work/life balance. Relationships are unique in their own aspect and dealing with these conflicts requires the participation of both parties. Some couples manage to resolve their differences on their own, but some can’t, and that’s where we can help.

Sex, anger, lack of communication and infidelity contribute to the distress of a marriage and other relationships. Fight for your relationship by seeking help; Talk Counselling’s couples’ therapy will help heal the wounds and resolve relationship issues.

Couples counselling provides a safe haven for both parties; one where both sides can express their frustrations. Talk Counselling’s resident therapist provides a neutral and unbiased take on the issue. Each session focuses on understanding both sides through expressed sentiments and coming up with a solution.

The first step towards recovery requires taking a step back to see the big picture. If you have been fighting, we will help you realise the struggle. When you stand back, you see conflicts from another perspective, giving you the chance to understand each other better.

Our couples counselling therapist believes that good communication is the key to healthy relationships. Most conflicts stem from lack of communication between two parties. Talk Counselling’s therapist identifies roadblocks and misunderstandings that prevent couples from experiencing good communication.

Good communication reminds couples of each other’s strengths and the good things about their relationship. Couples in constant conflict often forget about the positive moments due to their focus on the negativity. Talk Counselling brings your focus back to what matters most through effective counselling and support.

Resolve relationship issues with the Talk Counselling’s couples’ therapy. Get in touch with us now and start your road to recovery.